Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What a Day Means to Me

I suppose people think that most of the time I'm just laying in our big bay window and staring outside. In a way they'd be right. In a way they'd be wrong. How can they be right and wrong? Well, it depends on what you have as your perspective.

"Oh Mattie, I've got to hurry up and….," "What did I do with my keys?" "Why are you taking so long…..?" Momma…. she tries, but most of the time she's just staring out the window…scurrying about, hurrying to get things done and be places that really won't matter….in time. Because time is fleeting.

Me? Well, I like thinking about the sunshine. How it feels when it hits my face. Warmth slowly cascading over me like a blanket. I'm not in a hurry. Struggling to get things done that won't be so important tomorrow. I like enjoying the now. Like this day - right now, here with you.

Here's the thing, the key to today. My heart is where my life is taking me. My mind is where my life can divert me. So, when I'm just being...looking out the window - I'm resetting my day….allowing for me to know me. Letting go of all of the aches and pains, the things that remove my 'presence of mind,' distract me from my heart's mission.

Every day, take a little bit of time and just look out the window. Reset your life's path.

And chew a bone… bones are good!

With lub,

Monday, August 4, 2014

Animals Love Summer Too Contest

The other day momma and I walked to the beach. I like the beach, it smells like salt, dampness, and fish. "Summer, I love it Mattie!" momma said. I laid down, legs stretched out behind me with my tummy resting on the cool, damp sand, and happily wagged my tail. I love Summer too!

Enter my Animals Love Summer Too Contest and show off your fuzzy one enjoying Summer. Every entry will get a little something from me, and the animal with the most votes wins a grand prize from my store! That's it - no gimmicks, nothing to buy, or sign-up for. Why am I doing this - cuz I love summer, and I love animals!  So, go ahead - enter today (contest closes Aug 15, 2014)! Click here to enter or to vote!

Lub, MattieDog
p.s. Oh and if you don't have an animal, well today is a good day to adopt one!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Summer of Our (Dis)Content

"Hurry up lady," momma says to the woman in the other car as we zip past her in our hurry to get home. The lady is singing a tune, nodding her head, and casually driving down the road. I look at momma - she looks like the same woman who espouses the virtues of patience. Maybe she doesn't have patience for women in green Subarus. "Sheesh Mattie, she's going so slow we'll never make it home in time." In time for what? I thought we were just going home after an afternoon in the park. I balance myself on the passenger seat of our little blue VW convertible bug and stick my head out of the side window, taking in the cool breeze, watching the trees as we pass, smiling at the people we pass and feeling the sunshine on my head. We pass by my neighbor Egor's house and I sniff extra hard to try to catch a scent of his wired hair coat - Egor is a large Airedale and he's forever running down to the beach and getting dirty, so he smells fantastic. We pull in to our little garage and momma flings open her door, "finally," she says as she exits the car, lets me out, and then slams the door shut. Once inside the house momma flops on the couch and opens up a magazine.

I look at momma. I think about the lady we zipped past. I wonder if she's still singing her song - she looked happy just driving along. Momma, well, she looks frazzled. I guess that's what big plans like getting home to flop on a couch and read a magazine will do to you. I walk over to my water bowl, take a couple of laps of water, and then get all cozy and snuggle in to my green doggy bed - the one that is in our big bay window. I like to lay in this particular doggy bed because it's where I can watch the world go by.

One of the best things about being a dog is that wherever the day goes, that's where I go too. I like it this way. I am free to enjoy each moment. Dogs really don't have a lot of expectations - we live in the moment and adapt to changes. I suspect momma is not a dog….she does not live a life free of expectations, at least when she's driving. I've noticed that my momma has expectations - she expected that woman to drive in accordance with my momma's desires. That is unrealistic, isn't it? I notice this with humans, projecting their desires on to others, "Things shouldn't be like that," "So and so should have done this," "Things should go my way." When life doesn't go the way humans expect them to go they get let down, disappointed.

I look outside my big bay window. Oh wow! Egor is in my front yard - what a surprise, I wasn't expecting that! I trot over to my doggy door, walk outside and greet Egor. We sniff each other, and wiggle about together - Egor has to bend down to say hello to me, and he's genuinely glad to do so. We play a while and then lay in the grass. We sprawl out in the grass, laying in the sunshine and eventually doze off to sleep. When I wake up a few minutes later, Egor is not there - I guess he went home. I'm satisfied. I stand up, shake myself off and go back in the house.

Once inside my doggy door I find my momma still lounging on the sofa, focused solely on reading the magazine. I guess her need to hurriedly get home and read a magazine was worth all her crankiness… the lady we passed in the car didn't look effected, just momma all grumpy and removed from the joy of the ride…she missed seeing the lady in the car we passed all joyful and mouthing the words to some song, the beauty of the pine trees, the simple pleasure of the people walking about, some holding hands.  No, momma definitely isn't a dog….but that's okay….I still love her.

Sometimes having no expectations opens up a world of opportunity - it makes every moment special.

With lub,

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