Monday, October 14, 2013

We Are All On This Journey Together

Momma says we're all connected - that each thought I have about you effects you, contributing to the you that you become. "This is why, Mattie," says my momma to me while we're out walking along the beach by our house, "I always know that you are going to be happy, full of light, laughter, and joy. I realize it in my mind, send positive energy to you, and viola!" By viola, I think she meant 'and so it is.'

I turn to sniff the salty ocean waters, and the mist from the morning beach breeze floats on to my nose. Achoo! Wet nose mist makes me sneeze. I sit down for a minute while momma ties her shoes - looking back down the beach I see the footprints we've left in the sand.  A pair of tennis shoes, purposefully walking a straight and unwavering path...and then there's my four paw prints wandering here and there, stopping at places and things I've sniffed, dug at with my paws, and chased along the seashore.

Sometimes I wish momma took my path - the one less straight and narrow. The one with no purpose other than to feel, smell, experience the world in all of its' joys. She'd enjoy the stick I found underneath the mossy rock, the ticklish feel of the wet sand as it squishes up in-between my toe pads, the smell of the otters bobbing up and down in the waves. A journey to no where with no set agenda, yet it has everything I need.

"Viola, Mattie!" momma says, as she stand at the edge of the water with her arms outstretched before her, like she's presenting me with a picture of the beautiful beach scene. I tilt my head up to look at her, squinting against the morning sunlight - and then I turn back to the waves crashing against the rocks, and stare back at the marks we've left in the sand on our journey to the ocean.

Momma and me, we're connected. I know things she'll never know - like the joy of a simple walk, without grand gestures... it just is. I feel gratitude. I feel complete. I settle in nice and cozy in the sand, and gently send all my positive energy to you momma, and viola, there you are - happy. Life is a circle - what you put out, you will get back.

With lub,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Everyday is an Opportunity

Me & Arrowroot
The other day dadz and I were walking around the property, checking on fence lines and nailing up fallen boards.  I sit and watch him, his eyes focused on the curled barbed wire, checking the gaps to make sure it is attached to the weathered split-board fence.  We walk over a few little hills, I wander about sniffing the arrowroot flowers growing in the mounds that surround the barn. "Bubby-flowers," that's what momma and dadz call the arrowroot - one of my nicknames is Bubby - why they named this flower after me is curious, dadz says it's because their bright yellow color reminds him of my fur when the sun shine's on me.

Dadz grasps the barbed wire in his gloved hands and pulls the wiring tight in an attempt to reconnect it to the fence, and minimize the space between the posts so the mule deer don't get in and nibble on our newly planted vegetable garden.  Momma's proud of her vegetable garden. "I can make salsa anytime we want," momma said to dadz in her effort to establish the need to have a garden...and to get dadz to till up the land.  Dadz didn't seem to understand momma's need to grow things that she could go down to the store and buy, but he ended up tilling the land, planting the seeds, connecting the hose that waters the garden, and pretty much everything else to make momma's garden grow.

No matter how many times dadz tries to reconnect the wiring, it pops off of the fence.  He grips the wire and tries again, "This had better work this time," dadz mutters to the fence while he twists the wire and looks at me. I use my eyes to convey, "I can't help you dadz, I have no thumbs!" I think he gets what I'm saying because he looks back to the fence and continues to twist the wire and reconnect it to the splintered wood pole that holds the fencing in place.

After about eight attempts, and numerous colorful words, dadz sits down next to me - he slips off his worn gloves, placing them next to me.  Dadz hand touches my back and I can tell we're going to settle in for a little spell of 'watch the world go by.' "Well, Mattie, the fence doesn't want to work with me today.... lets sit here and think about this for a while." By 'sit here,' I know that dadz really means to lay down in the cool shade of the big tree and rest a while.  "The fence will be here tomorrow, everyday is an opportunity," said dadz.

I think about that. Every day is an opportunity, dadz is right. It's an opportunity to be with friends or make new friends, be joyous or create joy, be thoughtful to others, help someone, laugh a little bit...or fix a fence, or try to fix a fence. And, every day is an opportunity to lay under a tree and watch the world go by - without a worry, with your dadz. I like fence fixing days. I hope you find a fence that needs fixing, it's not important that you fix it, just that you put some time in to trying - and that you enjoy the journey.

With lub,

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn

Mattie & Stuffy
Today, with the rays from the morning sun shining bright in to my bay window, I am going to spread out all comfy on my pillow, prop my head up on my blanket and take a look around the world outside.

Life is perfect and I am content!

The warmth of the sunshine soothes me and so I sprawl out, basking in the warm glow of the mid-morning sun and peer out the window just in time to see the mailman walk up the sidewalk and make little deposits in to the mail slots of my neighbor's doors.  Curious things, mailmen. When he reaches my door he sends a few envelopes through our mail slot and I lift my head a bit and watch them drift down and settle on the wood floor below.  I hear the scamper of dog feet skidding along the floor and so I flip over on my side to get a better advantange, and watch my brother Spike, a little Chihuahua, tear up the mail...curious that he feels the need to attack the mail. So I watch for a while, until Spike's aggressions subside.

The sun beams grow warmer, heated up by streaming in through my bay window. I like the feel and I stretch out on my tummy to look outside just in time to see Max, my next door neighbor's cat, gingerly meandering through my yard...leaving her paw prints in the morning dew of my grassy lawn.  Max likes to walk over and sit just right outside of  my bay window and peer up at me.  I peer back at Max through the window, slowly wagging my tail to signal my pleasure at seeing her.  In return Max flicks her tail and grooms herself a bit, and after a while continues on her journey of walking through my yard...leaving a trail of her paw print marks as she strolls through the dewy grass.

This is what Tuesday's are made of - pleasurable things. Moments not to be disturbed.

The morning lazily turns in to the afternoon.  Laying on my little sun-warmed doggy pillow I look out my bay window to contemplate the day - what to do? Out of the corner of my eye I catch a little tiny creature stirring in the sill of my bay window.  It's a fly coming back to life after it's long winter's nap. *Flap flap flap,* it's little wings start working. I tilt my head a bit and watch as the fly starts to get his energy back, trying to fly...he only has enough energy to bonk in to my paw and flutter back to the windowsill.

Curious little fly. I watch him for a while. Back and forth he zips and bounces along the windowsill, trying with all of his little fly might to get airborne...but all he does is continue to bonk me on my paw, and sometimes my forehead. I'm not really bothered by the little fly, we all have to do our thing.... like the mailman, like Spike, like Max, and like me.

It's good to have a purpose. Today I'm going to lay on my warm doggy pillow, looking out my bay window and watch the world twist and turn, and change all around me, and I'll be happy and contented!

With lub,