Sunday, March 18, 2012

More About Me

Recently, my good friend Michelle (@GrrlySquirrel75 on Twitter)  tagged me in a post on her blog in an order to learn more about the sweetness that is me. So, because I dig her, I will tell you a bit more about myself (and maybe you'll return the favor and tell me more about yourself in the 'comments' section):

Describe yourself in seven words: Smexy, loving, caring, silly, self-deprecating, hungry, and fun!

What keeps you up at night? Other than my siblings, not much. But sometimes they, my fuzzy siblings I mean, are just plain crazy.  In and out the doggy door...bark bark bark at the moon....jumping on and off the bed. Dang em! But, other than that... not much keeps me up. Except when dadz comes home late from work and he has some tacos from the food truck!

Who would you like to be?  Me! I mean, come on - look at me, I'm fabulously fuzzy and well.... oh, you mean other than me? Well, my momma thinks I'm a reincarnated Buddha!

What are you wearing right now? Nothing, I'm a commando-style sort of dresser! But, sometimes I wear little sweaters, and other fun, dress-up, stuff.  You can see more of my dress style here.

What scares you? Not much, I'm a pretty relaxed little doggy. But sometimes I've gotten scared by my own toots (can you believe that!!).

The best and worst of blogging: Oh, I love blogging! The best - sharing life through my perspective. Dogs have a pretty good lens on life, so I like sharing things from my point of view.  The worst... probably getting my momma to type my thoughts-sometimes she needs a good poke or two to motivate her.

Last website you visited: Um, lets see.. that was Twitter, just so I could check out what's going on.

One thing you'd change about yourself: Nothing. You can't change one thing... it's a circle, one thing trickles to another and another and then ends up changing things you hadn't intended to change.

Slankets or no? Probably not, unless it makes a nice blanket for me to curl up and snooze on. I don't need sleeves... but I think they look comfy!

Tell us about the cat/person that tagged you: Michelle is a sweetheart! She is kind and generous, and sends me great tweets full of love. She's always positive and wishing me the best, and she calls me her 'sweet tater'! What could be better than that!

Well, that's it - I hope you all enjoyed learning more about me! Like I said - please share more about you in the comments below!

With lub,


  1. Thanks so much for participating, little sweet tater! Love you!

  2. Woofhoo, great stuff Mattie. Nice to kno more abouts you

  3. Great answers Mattie. Michele is right - you are all sweetness.

  4. Mattie you are by far the smexy-ist anipal in the twitterverse! Luvs you! ((HUGS))

  5. I love your blog more than any other dog blog in cyber space. It's sweet, it's heart warming, sometimes it makes me teary. Most of all, I love you Mattie. Your online persona is the best ever, and it's very "method" you never ever get out of character.

    Bow wow baby,

    Margo Mom of Carmen Jr who's hiding under the bed right now, I can't get him to come out. He must need his space :-)

  6. You are "mahvahlous" Mattie! You always put a smile on our faces, so it's always nice to learn more about you And now I can't stop thinking about those tacos *drool*!

  7. You iz smexxy and you nose it! *wiggle wiggle*
    Mattie u iz a rockstar!

  8. Very cute blog, two of Gopher's fellow team members are Shih Tzu's as well.

  9. Your feelings are expressed so beautifully. ^..^