Monday, October 14, 2013

We Are All On This Journey Together

Momma says we're all connected - that each thought I have about you effects you, contributing to the you that you become. "This is why, Mattie," says my momma to me while we're out walking along the beach by our house, "I always know that you are going to be happy, full of light, laughter, and joy. I realize it in my mind, send positive energy to you, and viola!" By viola, I think she meant 'and so it is.'

I turn to sniff the salty ocean waters, and the mist from the morning beach breeze floats on to my nose. Achoo! Wet nose mist makes me sneeze. I sit down for a minute while momma ties her shoes - looking back down the beach I see the footprints we've left in the sand.  A pair of tennis shoes, purposefully walking a straight and unwavering path...and then there's my four paw prints wandering here and there, stopping at places and things I've sniffed, dug at with my paws, and chased along the seashore.

Sometimes I wish momma took my path - the one less straight and narrow. The one with no purpose other than to feel, smell, experience the world in all of its' joys. She'd enjoy the stick I found underneath the mossy rock, the ticklish feel of the wet sand as it squishes up in-between my toe pads, the smell of the otters bobbing up and down in the waves. A journey to no where with no set agenda, yet it has everything I need.

"Viola, Mattie!" momma says, as she stand at the edge of the water with her arms outstretched before her, like she's presenting me with a picture of the beautiful beach scene. I tilt my head up to look at her, squinting against the morning sunlight - and then I turn back to the waves crashing against the rocks, and stare back at the marks we've left in the sand on our journey to the ocean.

Momma and me, we're connected. I know things she'll never know - like the joy of a simple walk, without grand gestures... it just is. I feel gratitude. I feel complete. I settle in nice and cozy in the sand, and gently send all my positive energy to you momma, and viola, there you are - happy. Life is a circle - what you put out, you will get back.

With lub,


  1. From one Puget Sounder to another - thank you for reminding me to be grounded and intentional in my thoughts. Your a cool dog.

  2. Lovely Mattie! And so true! {{hugs}}

  3. Yoo is filossofer Mattie my good to see you blog agane. Haz been too long since da last wun

  4. I try and lead my Momz along my less structured path Mattie...I think she's happier when she explores with me than when she follows the rigid path laid out by others

  5. That's awesome me and piggy are connected too!