Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's Love Got To Do With It?

This morning we walked to the park, me and momma. Walking on the rocky coast line, I sniff the morning air. The scents are spectacular, specially since it rained last night. I enjoy walking in the park, I like to meander down the dirt paths and when I feel like resting for a while I wander to the top of the grassy knoll to take in the scenery.

There's this great little spot on the hill that overlooks the ocean. I like to sit there and take in the scents of the salty air, listen to seals 'ork' as they sun themselves on the rocky beach below, and watch the people come and go. Most of the time the people come in twos, couples. I guess my momma and me, we're a couple. So, here we sit together to watch the world go by, with no particular agenda.

"Do you want a treat Mattie," momma asks as she pulls out a few cut up apple slices she prepared for our walk through the park. I look up at momma's wistful face, then at the apple piece, give a little sneeze and shake of my head, and turn back to the ocean. Contended, I watch a ferry boat slowly make it's way through the water, and I hear the 'crunch, crunch, crunch,' of momma eating some of my apple pieces.

Being a couple is a good thing. You have someone to share your apple pieces with. Momma says that she has me with her all the time, that she's never alone - that she takes me with her wherever she goes. "When you love, you are never alone," momma often says. I think about that while I sit taking in the salty air. To love is simple, really. It's a state of being. I love. I am love. I will act with love, and add love to this world. Some say, that 'loving' is a dog's job. We offer love freely because we never doubt our ability to be lovable. Dogs are not insecure about love.

Momma stands up and deposits the uneaten snacks back into our little hiking pack. I take a long stretch in the sun, shake my head a bit, and then start the walk back down the grassy hill. A man with a walking stick makes his way towards us, I can hear him humming a tune. He smiles at me and stoops down to scratch underneath my chin. I wag my tail, look up at him, and lick his hand. "Well, aren't you a love," he exclaims as he returns to humming, and continues on his walk.

The next time you are looking for love, sit on a little hill and take a few slow and calming breaths in and out, and know that you are love. Never doubt it. Revel in it, love like a dog!

It probably wouldn't hurt to eat a few apple pieces either.

With lub,


  1. Mattie - anyone would love you cuz you are so cute and sweet. You are just a friendly doggie with a lot of love in your heart. We love you Mattie!

  2. We lub apples. We lub yo momma and we lub U, Mattie Dog!

  3. Oh Mattie {{hugs}}! What wise words, you are always right about what is really impawtant. Thanks pal!

  4. Little neighbor dude!

  5. Oh deer Mattie my pal….yoo is makin I typist haz da leaky eyes cos he do miss me an hims vein a cuppple since I went OTRB…good to be reedin yoo blog agane tho my pal…haz been too long

  6. Aw Mattie I can't express how special u r thank u. U r very special. Little angel